Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS) meeting, Tufts university, Boston, June 2017.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Boston for a meeting of the SERVS team and I thought I should get round to blogging about it. The small conference was organised by Anna Sajina at Tufts and was concerned with determining priorities for presenting and analysing data from the Spitzer telescope. I was there because a large part of my work is concerned with building a multiwavelength catalogue for the Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project (HELP) and we are ingesting a number of Spitzer surveys including SERVS.

The Spitzer Space Telescope.

SERVS data is a key part of the HELP pipeline because we typically use the Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) fluxes to select objects to define our samples. It was also a chance to hear about all the research being done with these Spitzer fluxes which cover the mid infrared part fo the spectrum.